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7 Most Amazing Facts About Testosterone

Testosterone is probably one of the best-known hormones, which is often studied and discussed by different scientists, health specialists, sportsmen, family psychologists and even nutritionists. You can hardly find a person who doesn’t know anything about this hormone or who doesn’t associate it with a male part of population.

The role and significance of testosterone in a man’s life shouldn’t be underestimated.

It has a bearing upon the brain activity, regulates the sexual behaviour and influences the functioning of the entire male body. But not everything you have heard about the hormone and its impact on the human body is true. This article will cover 7 most amazing facts and myths about testosterone.

Testosterone and Money

Many scientists have pointed out that testosterone is closely connected with the male prosperity. People with a low amount of testosterone in their blood can be also characterized by meanness and a strong appetite for massive wealth. They can be ideal money keepers and bankers.

As the recent surveys show, young men, especially stock traders, usually experience the significant jump in their testosterone level when they gain higher profits.

Testosterone and Love

Almost all people usually liken the primary male hormone to libido and sexual activity. But only a few of them know about the connection between the hormone and the feeling of love. According to the results of the recent studies, the feeling of love can elevate the amount of testosterone in the women’s blood during the first few months after they enter into relationships.

The most interesting thing is that the same feeling has just an opposite effect on the male population. A man in love usually has a lower volume of testosterone than a single man or a man who has the ongoing relationships. However, these changes, like any passion, don’t last for a long.

Testosterone and Competitions

Testosterone is often identified as “the hormone of victory”. And you can find the scientific evidence to support this fact. The winners of sports competitions usually have the elevated level of testosterone in their blood. Another shocking fact is that the fans supporting a winner can also experience a raise of testosterone in their blood.

This was proved by Italian scientists who took blood samples of the football fans for testosterone tests after the football match. The level of testosterone can also determine the behavioral model of a person in critical situations, since the level of this hormone is related to the basic instinct “fight or run”.

Even in the face of defeat, a person with the increased level of testosterone is most likely to continue the competition. And, in case of the decreased volume of testosterone in the blood, the game is probably up. The level of testosterone in the male blood increases before any sport competition (whether arm-wrestling or football).

And it remains high for some period even after the end of competitions. The fan’s level of testosterone is also affected by the results of competitions. The victory usually raises the content of testosterone in their blood, while the failure makes its level fall down.

Testosterone and Kiss

It’s no secret that the hormone influences the male body and their sexual activity. Strange as it may sound, but testosterone in a man’s body can directly affect the sexual desire of a woman too. When kissing, the hormone enters the mouth of a woman through a man’s saliva and can easily penetrate the mucous membranes of her mouth. As a result, her sexual arousal grows and she becomes more willing to participate in the further reproductive activity. Thus, a great kiss is a key to the successful and exciting night of love!

Testosterone and Shrinking Testicles

Men, who take steroid hormones such as testosterone to improve their physical characteristics, may notice the very unpleasant side effects, such as shrinkage of their balls and breast growth. In women, the excess level of testosterone can result in a gruff voice, enlarged clitoral gland, hair loss on the head and excess growth of hair on the body and face.

The steroids abuse can lead to skin problems, mood swings, depression and other health problems in men as well as in women.

Testosterone and Fatherhood

According to numerous studies, the level of testosterone is lower in men who have children than in child free men. Recently, the group of scientists has carried out the survey to learn the impact of testosterone on the men’s desire to father children. The findings showed that more caring and loving fathers have a lower level of this hormone.

This probably can be explained by the fact that a high level of testosterone makes men feel like a true macho, and it’s quite difficult to imagine a macho as a good father.

Testosterone and Honesty

Most men believe that they are more honest and single-eyed by nature, while the majority of the womankind is more devious and tricky. The connection between testosterone and honesty was confirmed scientifically in the recent years. Numerous findings show that men, who have higher testosterone level, lie less. This can be explained by the fact that this hormone can foster the feeling of pride and the desire to establish a positive reputation.

Numerous studies prove that testosterone affects almost all aspects of human behavior. A low level of this hormone can cause a decrease in libido and weakening of sexual desire. Testosterone impacts the process of weight gain and muscle mass increase. In addition, the deficiency of testosterone may lead to apathy and impatience. It is worth emphasizing that testosterone is one of the most debatable hormones.

Its high content in the body can provoke the unfortunate issues. Artificial increase in testosterone level can be especially harmful for the elderly people, as it can result in problems related to the cardiovascular activity. No doubt that these are only few facts about testosterone that the mankind has already discovered. Use only natural testosterone booster pills.

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Copywriter, fitness instructor, nutritionist.
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Jerry Hall

Copywriter, fitness instructor, nutritionist.