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anadrole review

Anadrole is a well-working legal steroid which acts almost identically to Oxymethalone more famous under the name of Anadrol.

The latter one belongs to the strongest anabolic steroids which have ever been synthesized. But as opposed to real steroid, Anadrole is not accompanied with unsafe adverse reactions.

The product gives a boost to red blood cell synthesis.

Due to this, much more oxygen is transported to the muscle tissue. It means that tiredness during workouts steps away, while muscle mass intensely grows.

Mechanism of Action

Red blood cells are responsible for delivering oxygen to each cell of the body. Muscles which experience oxygen starvation are constantly tired and lose strength and power.

As a result, workout can’t continue. And you will not be able to build muscles.

To add fuel to the flame of your workout, oxygen supply to the body should be uninterrupted and increased.

Since Anadrole makes your body synthesize a larger number of red blood cells, muscles receive much more oxygen and can rapidly grow.

anadrol alternative

Key Ingredients

There are actually 2 most crucial natural ingredients which determine the powerfulness of Anadrole. And now we will look them through.


This is a naturally occurring substance which is in fact a mineral pitch.

It has many useful properties beneficial for the human health. In particular, this mineral has an influence on testosterone production.

Study 1
During the first study, 35 male participants with impaired fertility took 200 mg of Shilajit, divided into 2 equal servings, on a daily basis for 90 days.

The first and the last day were chosen as the measurement points for checking how sperm and testosterone characteristics changed within the period of supplementation.

Thus, the following changes were observed:

  • Elevation of serum testosterone levels by 23.5%
  • Substantial reduction of semen Malondialdehyde (MDA) by 18.7%. This means the alleviation of oxidative stress which contributes to muscle wasting
  • Upraise of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) by 9.4%. This hormone is crucial for the maintenance of testosterone levels high and stable
  • Enhancement of sperm by 37.6%
  • Increase in total sperm count by 61.4%
  • Increase in normal sperm count by 18.9%
  • Growth of sperm motility by 12.4-17.4%

Study 2
The second study conducted in 2015 engaged male participants of 45-55 years old who didn’t have any health problems.

The study period lasted 90 days during which the study subjects took 500 mg of Shilajit, divided into 2 equal servings, per day.

Testosterone measurement was carried out both at the beginning and finish of the research.

And it was found out that the study participants experienced the upsurge of total testosterone levels. Free testosterone levels also substantially grew.

In particular, there was:

  • 20% increase in total testosterone
  • 19% growth of free testosterone
  • 31% elevation of DHEA levels

It’s obvious that these studies demonstrated a high potential of Shilajit to successfully cope with low testosterone in both healthy men and men who suffer from infertility.

The best effect of Shilajit is its ability to considerably raise free testosterone concentration in the blood. It is exactly free testosterone that promotes the greatest strength enhancement and muscle development.

The ability of this ingredient to stimulate testosterone secretion is undoubtedly the major reason for which Shilajit was included to Anadrole formula.

However, it’s not the only health benefit of this ingredient.

The other benefits also shouldn’t be underestimated.

Additional benefits of Shilajit

  • Overall hormonal balance restoration: This happens due to the normalization of endocrine system functioning.
  • Improvement of endurance and stamina: Such an effect is achieved because Shilajit acts like adaptogen.
  • Relief of stress manifestations: Stress levels drop due to the reduction of cortisol levels.
  • Enhancement of sex drive and sexual activity: Reset of hormonal balance leads to the revival of sexual function.
  • Improvement of sleep quality: Adequate sleep promotes better workout results.
  • Extension of longevity: The longer life duration is definitely a pleasant bonus of supplementation.
  • Heavy metal body detoxification: When you get rid of heavy metals that accumulate in your body, you substantially lower the probability of health problems.
  • Pain alleviation: This effect helps recover after exercises quicker and work out in the gym more effectively.
  • Strong anti-inflammatory effect: As a result of inflammation decrease, it’s possible to protect overall health.
  • Acceleration of wound healing: Due to this, muscle tissue repairs and grows more intensely.


Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that became a part of Anadrole formula because of its safe natural properties which encourage testosterone production in the man’s body on its own.

Several studies indicated that Tribulus Terrestris is rich in an essential active substance called protodioscin.

This protodioscin gives a boost to the production of luteinizing hormone (LH).
This hormone performs important functions in the man’s body.

That is, it helps keep the male reproductive system healthy, as well as improves the work of testicles making them intensify the release of testosterone.

As a result, testosterone levels elevate.

Another study demonstrated that Tribulus Terrestris can affect the work of 5-alpha reductase enzyme which in its turn doesn’t allow testosterone to break down.

It means that this plant also works by saving testosterone and maintaining its levels stable. So, Tribulus doesn’t let hormone levels plummet.

Also, the scientists found out that Tribulus has an ability to stimulate testosterone secretion in men who suffer from partial androgen deficiency (PADAM).

In particular, it was observed that the supplementation with this plant contributed to the upsurge of testosterone in male study subjects by 33%. Free testosterone in men with truly insufficient hormone levels grew by 5.7%.

The study in which 65 male participants with abnormal sperm took part demonstrated important results of the supplementation with 250 mg of Tribulus on a daily basis.

The participants experienced upraise of dihydrotestosterone levels, considerable reduction of body fat deposits, and substantial enhancement of major sperm characteristics such as liquefaction time, motility, and

The Bottom Line

Anadrole is a unique legal product that is aimed at boosting your body to synthesize natural testosterone in a safe and effective way.

But it not only substantially increases testosterone levels needed for muscle mass growth and strength enhancement.

Due to the availability of Shilajit in the formula, the supplement also features impressive healing properties. So, this over-the-counter product is equally beneficial to your male hormonal balance and overall health.

anadrol alternative