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Special Training For Legs

Legs are not like any other parts of the body. Building leg muscles means only working with legs – not with spine, abs or anything else, just legs. This is due to the fact that exercises we do for building muscles of other body parts won’t have any effect on the legs. For example, back muscles are built with the help of trainings with low number of repetitions. Such method won’t work for legs, as they need exercises with a lot of repetitions. The same goes to the pauses between workouts for restoration, intervals between sets during one workout, etc.

Goal number one – great aerobic form

In order not to feel like dying in the middle of the set, in order your heart doesn’t jump from your chest and you are able to complete both the squats and complex of exercises for legs from the beginning to end, you have to be in a good aerobic form. You will be able to build all the other body parts without aerobics, but not the legs. So before building leg muscles, train your heart. And remember: legs and heart work together, you won’t build legs with a weak heart.
Squats are the best, but they are not for everyone

Squats are considered to be the most effective exercise for legs, as they make all leg muscles work. But this exercise is good only when using additional weights. So if you are a newbie, don’t rush to do it – at first build your spine and calf muscles to be able to lift weights. In the meantime, do leg press and hack squats. But have no mercy for yourself, teach yourself to train hard, on the verge of strength and will.

Master your will! “Shock” your legs

Sometimes you should, metaphorically speaking, torture your legs. For example, give your legs a shock after the fourth or fifth leg workout. The recipe is the following: add more weights to the leg press machine, about six 25-kg disk weights and make 40 repetitions. Then add more weights and do 30 repetitions. Add one more disk and make 20 repetitions. Then one more – and final 10 repetitions! Yeah, walking will be not an easy task after this, but it’s worth it.

Give yourself enough time

Don’t rush when doing leg workouts, each session should take more than an hour. Don’t forget about the cardio set as well, so in total it will take about 1,5 hours of training. And remember – training once a week is not enough for legs! Do leg workouts every fourth or fifth day in your schedule.

Let’s go! Here’s a complex of exercises:


Make 6-7 sets, with 8-10 repetitions in each. Don’t forget about 2 warm-up sets.

To take a barbell, sit under its grip and straighten your body when already holding the barbell. Make a step back, the grip should be on your trapeze (don’t put it on the base of your neck!). Starting position, standing, feet shoulder width apart.

Starting from this position do slow squats, the lower, the better, but only if you didn’t have any traumas. Don’t linger in that position, but stand up slowly as well.

The secret it, squatting below the parallel will give the desired load to your thigh biceps and buttocks. Go for it!


Make 4 sets with 10 repetitions in each.

To start, stand under the support and press your back as close as you can to the back of the gym machine. Feet shoulder width apart, closer to the edge of the platform, socks pointed in different directions.

When doing this exercise “pull” yourself up, straightening legs. Then go down by slowly squatting to the parallel.

If you can, do a deep squat, but never tear your back and pelvis from the gym machine when doing this. If you can’t do a deep squat without ruining the technique, it means that your hip biceps are inelastic. Work on this, develop elasticity.

Leg extensions

Do 4 sets, 12-15 repetitions in each.

Get in the machine, adjust your position: the edge of the machine’s seat should be right under your knees. Hold the handles and slowly straighten your legs by force. In the upper position it is also desirable to tighten the quadriceps for greater effect, then return in the starting position.

This exercise won’t build quadriceps, so there is no need in using heavy weights here. Nevertheless, exercise should be done slowly and accurately, and be sure to make a stop in the upper position. If you do everything right, a lot of lactic acid will get released, which will cause strong burning.


Do 4 sets, 10-15 repetitions in each.

The starting position is the same position as when doing squats, the barbell is on a trapeze, just make a step forward with one foot. Do a squat, bending the knee of the front leg, the back leg is straight. Don’t swing the body, otherwise there is a risk to injure the knees.

Watch your stand in the squat, the knee should not go beyond the toe. When squatting, knee and leg should form a right angle, acute angle will inevitably lead to injuries. Do everything accurately.

And remember, legs need special attention! Good luck in the gym!

Jerry Hall

Copywriter, fitness instructor, nutritionist.
Jerry Hall

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Jerry Hall

Copywriter, fitness instructor, nutritionist.