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Can Testosterone Levels Exceed the Normal Range?

All the men typically ask themselves a question of how to make own body synthesize more testosterone. They even use testosterone boosters for this purpose. That’s because it’s difficult to find a man who underestimates the importance of this hormone in his life. You are most probably also among these men.

However, do you know that T levels can go beyond the upper limit of the normal range? Let’s consider what happens in this case and how to prevent this situation.

What Testosterone Gives Man

It’s possible to say without exaggeration that a man stops being a man without testosterone. This hormone gives the man masculinity in every sense of the word.
We want to remind you what testosterone serves for. This will help you understand what the symptoms of decreased and increased testosterone are. Let’s get started.

Muscle Strength. Testosterone is responsible for your strength and power. If you have no difficulties with sports and other types of physical activities, it means that your T levels are normal or increased. If you feel tired and have no strength regardless of what you are doing, then your testosterone is most probably slipping away.

Muscle Mass Gain. Without high testosterone, it’s vain for you to try to increase muscle mass. If the hormone levels are normal, you will easily maximize muscle gain in the gym. The decreased testosterone will not allow you even preserve muscle mass you have. But the intake of testosterone boosters can significantly improve your sports performance.

Libido. Libido is most often associated with testosterone. Lack of this hormone negatively affects libido and even impairs erectile function. But the higher testosterone is the higher sex drive in men is. And sexual activity in men also improves.
Energy Levels. T levels have a strong influence on how the man’s body produces energy. When testosterone synthesis is intensive, energy levels also grow. And you will feel supercharged every day. If T levels drop, weakness and fatigue will constantly accompany you.

The nature decided that women also should have testosterone in their blood. T levels in women are much lower compared to those in men. But the functions of this hormone in the woman’s body are the same as in the man’s body.
If the women have testosterone in excess, this is fraught with a development of masculine features in both appearance and behavior.

Adverse Effects of Too Much Testosterone

Testosterone production depends on the man’s age. That’s why it’s impossible to precisely tell whether you have too high T levels without appropriate blood testing.
However, you can suspect yourself of excessive testosterone, if you experience the following adverse effects:

Development of acne.
Oily skin.
Frequent headaches.
Insomnia and other sleep disorders.
Apathy and melancholy.
Increased aggression.
Increased growth of facial and body hair.
Male pattern baldness.
Substantial weight gain and muscle mass growth.
Uncontrollable sexual desire.

How to Control Testosterone

Each man should monitor his T levels in order to have a clear vision of his current state of health.

It’s very important to timely notice all the signals your body sends you, undergo physical examination, and take adequate measures to solve existing health problems. So, if you worry about the signs of too high testosterone, don’t delay your visit to a doctor.

After the initial diagnostic tests and testosterone measurement, the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment if deems it appropriate. It is may be required if hormone-producing organs need some treatment.

But the very first thing that can really normalize hormone levels is a well-balanced diet, healthy sleep, and positive lifestyle changes.

If the patient is an athlete or bodybuilder and takes testosterone boosters for building big muscles, he will have to stop using them for a while. Sometimes, this measure is quite enough to reduce T levels and restore hormonal balance.

The Bottom Line

To prevent any problems associated with the increased testosterone, it’s necessary to check hormone levels from time to time, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and never exceed dosage if you take some hormone-boosting products. Since every person is unique, the side effects of too high testosterone may differ greatly. A consultation with your healthcare provider and endocrinologist can be crucial in this situation.

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