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trenorolTrenorol is a legal steroid developed specifically to safely repeat the androgenic action of Trenbolone which is in fact the most universally applicable steroid that has ever been produced in the labs.

The manufacturer claims that the product naturally contributes to muscle mass growth, strength and power increase, positive physique changes, and quick muscle repair.

It’s suitable for both cutting and bulking.

Due to all these effects, it’s possible to successfully reach your sports and personal goals.

Mechanism of Action

Nitrogen retention is a necessary condition required in order the muscle building process could occur.

And Trenorol satisfies this condition by making muscle mass keep a higher amount of nitrogen inside.

Nitrogen is irreplaceable for the synthesis of protein.

If there is a high concentration of nitrogen, muscles receive much protein used for intense and fast muscle development and fat reduction.

Also, this legal steroid gives a boost to red blood cell synthesis. Due to this, more oxygen is supplied to the muscles which become much stronger and more powerful when doing exercises.

Since the number of red blood cells elevates, enhancement of vascularity also happens.

As a result, the quality of muscle growth remains high. No water retention is observed.

So, this product greatly simplifies the task of getting a ripped and cut body in a natural way.

Just 30 days are needed to experience satisfactory results without any harm to your health.



Trenorol formula is comprised of the following highly potent and clinically supported natural components:

Beta Sitosterol

This is a phytosterol, or in other words a plant sterol. It is found in many plants such as wheat germ, soybeans, avocado, acai berry, and many others.

By chemical structure, it resembles cholesterol.

Beta Sitosterol is widely used by athletes and bodybuilders because of its numerous benefits. First of all, it acts as a strong enhancer of the immune system. This is very important for all athletes who continue being under a long-lasting severe physical stress.

This ingredient is effective for the prevention and reduction of the situation when testosterone is converted into DHT.

In such a way, Beta Sitosterol maintains free testosterone levels adequate. This is crucial for the considerable development of lean muscle mass. As a result, it will be easy to get a chiseled body.

There is scientific evidence that this plant sterol helps sportsmen avoid an extremely widespread athletic overtraining syndrome known as a range of negative manifestations in biochemical, physical, immunological, emotional, and psychological spheres.

Also, there are the clinical findings proving that Beta Sitosterol can decrease post exercise infection to which athletes are prone in a period after exhausting exercises.


Samento Inner Bark

Samento, also known as cat’s claw, was always popular in the region of Peru as a truly versatile remedy. Modern studies confirmed the healing properties of this plant and especially its bark.

In particular, athletes may take advantage of Samento’s ability to serve as a stimulator of the immune system.

According to the studies, alkaloids available in this plant supercharge the immune system in different ways.

Thus, it actively takes part in foreign invaders killing, intensifies the synthesis of white blood cells, and kickstarts the action of other immune system cells.

These properties of Samento are important for the athletes and bodybuilders because they can overextend themselves only if their immune system works at the highest level.

Also, if the immune system performs its function flawlessly, sportsmen will shed extra fat and enlarge lean muscle mass quickly and without any problems.

This ingredient also successfully fights against chronic fatigue syndrome which is a key bane of any sportsman. If there is no chronic fatigue, you will be able to demonstrate the maximum sports performance within a shorter period of time.

The anti-inflammatory effect of Samento helps athletes recover faster.


Nettle Leaf Extract

This plant can be found in different places throughout the world such as Africa, North America, and Europe. It’s highly beneficial for all athletes seeking for the impressive muscle and strength gains.

This ingredient is very rich in iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, chromium, silicon, calcium, and other minerals and vitamins which are irreplaceable for intense and stable muscle development.

But most importantly, this plant has a powerful testosterone boosting effect. It is bound to sex hormone-binding globulin instead of testosterone.

In their turn, testosterone molecules free up.

As a result, free testosterone levels upsurge.

When male hormone levels grow, you can extremely effectively build muscle mass, enhance strength and stamina, and revive endurance.

Also, this component is able to activate metabolism. The acceleration and intensification of metabolism promotes a much more prompt decrease in body fat percentage.

It means that nettle leaf has a strong cutting effect which is required by the majority of athletes and bodybuilders.

In addition, it’s helpful for relieving joint pain from which sportsmen often suffer. By solving this problem, the herb contributes to a higher efficacy of workouts and greater sports achievements.



Pepsin belongs to the most crucial enzymes in the human body. It is synthesized in the stomach in a natural way.

Endurance athletes need as much energy for the prolonged, exhausting workouts as only possible.

And this energy is got from nutrients supplied with food or supplements.

Being a digestive enzyme, pepsin plays one of the most important roles in the process of digestion since it breaks down proteins which are difficult to digest in the stomach.

As a result, you will decrease time needed for the muscle building process.

Pepsin substantially improves nutrition absorption and doesn’t let nutritional deficiency develop. In fact, prevention of nutritional deficiency is a very burning task for all athletes.

That’s why pepsin is extremely helpful for sustaining physical stress inevitable during hard exercises.

Also, when making nutrients absorb better, this enzyme delivers building blocks required for a considerable growth of iron-like muscles.

The Bottom Line

Trenorol safely and naturally substitutes Trenbolone by providing almost the same results but without dangerous downsides of the real steroid.

Including only legal and non-artificial ingredients, this product promotes substantial muscle mass gains, preserves existing muscle enlargement results, causes decrease in fat percentage, upraises strength and endurance, encourages vascularity, and amazingly improves physique.

It’s possible to buy the product over the counter.

Regardless of whether your target is a cutting or bulking cycle, this legal steroid is able to ensure the effects you expect.

As a result, you will both get rid of unwanted fat storages and build a sculpted body.